Team “Geiri Smart Restaurant Reykjavik”

Margrét Bjarnadóttir 26 years old and  Gauti Jan Valgarðsson 29 years old.
Two young chefs from Reykjavik’s new and finest restaurant Geiri Smart are guest chefs at Pure Hero.

Margrét Bjarnadóttir have been working on and off – along with her nursing and nutritions studies in the University of Iceland,  at the Restaurant Happ since 18 years old, for the last 7 years.  Happ means “Healthy And Pure Products”. Happ is a  succesful quality food place specializing in raw food, vegan food and all food with special nutrition requests. Working there build up a passion for food and she decided to go into apprenticeship to become a professional chef. She is now working full time at the Geiri Smart Restaurant at Canopy Hilton. Her interests are healthy food, Asian food – Japanese and Vietnamese. She is a young woman with big aimes in the culinary profession.  She likes sports and to travel – to extend her knowledge and experience and meet new people in new places.

Gauti Jan Valgarðsson did his apprenticeship at VOX one of Reykjavík’s most acclaimed restaurants. He have been working in different restaurants and running the street food restaurant Bunk bar which became quite popular in Iceland. He takes his chef profession very seriously and is now chef at Geiri Smart. Comfort- and street food are among his most recent interests and he was taking care of that section at Restaurant Geiri Smart last summer. In addtition to that and besides being a typical Reykjavík chef hipster – his interests are MMA, hunting and mountain hiking.

Broccolini salaatti

Broccolini salad


Agaveturskaa ja kyssäkaalta

Agave cod and rutabaga


Suklaamoussea ja mustikkasorbe

Chocolate mousse and blackberry sorbet


Plates sold seperately

Pure Hero is a cafeteria, a raw cake bakery and a restaurant. For the Food & Fun week it is ope in the evenings also for the special menu.

pure natural ingredients, good flavours and healthy living are some of the main principles of Pure Hero. Having its sister cafe in Helsinki in Paulig’s corner it is a popular meeting point and a regular place for a lot of fitness people and everybody who enjoy the best raw cakes and poke bowls in town.


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