Food & Fun Turku
27.9. - 1.10.2017


Food & Fun Turku
27.9. - 1.10.2017


International Festival of good food and great company coming for the fourth time!

It is held in Turku, Finland in the bosom of archipelago, filling the restaurants, bars and cafes with special guests from abroad, great menus made just for the week and lots and lots of happy people dining together!

That’s Food & Fun!

Restaurants, bars and cafes

We gather amazing cafes, restaurants and bars to do the festival together, to get over 8.000 visitors (2016) up from their couches and out having a great time!

Loco local

Having guests for whom the ingredients are new lets them experiment with them in a fresh way, bringing new ideas to the table! Amazing local produce gets to the limelight when a great bunch of chefs cook with them!

Congratulations Finland!

Food & Fun Turku 2017 is an official event in the Suomi Finland 100 year centennial program. We are proud to celebrate Finland and Finnish food culture as well as be a part in developing it in the coming years!

Great chefs and great food

We invite professionals from around the world to join us in the festival. They collaborate with the local chefs and make a special menu for the week, same price in all the restaurants so people can just hop around and eat a couple menus during the week!


Cocktail culture in Finland is blooming and we feel it is our responsibility to do our best to help it grow! Lastyear over 35 new drinks were sold around Turku with people trying new things and getting a taste for nice handcrafted drinks.

Together we are great!

We are on the look for partners and collaborators! Let us hear your idea on your products, services or any wild idea, and we can see it it is just what the festival needs:

Jouni Kuru
+358 45 862 8705

Head partners